Lost Optics

Mira 1989 - mural for the city of Timisoara commemorating 30 years of #freedom in Romania after the Revolution of 1989. The #RomanianRevolution is associated with a particular set of topics that are summarised in this piece (the apparition of tanks in city centres, the first televised Revolution, the confusion amidst the population etc.).

The type sections were generated via spacetypegenerator.com developed by @kiel.d.m

▪️Design and execution: @Lost.Optics

▪️Commissioner: @memoriilecetatii - part of the the cultural capital platform @timisoara2021

▪️With the support of: Elvira Lupsa @unicat.co

▪️Location: Parcul Dacia, Timisoara, Romania.

Mira 1989, Timisoara (RO)

Student Hotel, Vienna (AT)