13th - 20th September 2019, Muzeul Național al Hărților și Cărții Vechi

The project "BALKANVILLE" is carried out by a team of specialists from Romania, Bulgaria and Greece and aims to explore through 📱 digital media, elements of architecture and urbanism in three cities in the Balkan cultural sphere: BUCHAREST, SOFIA, THESSALONIKI.

The final product consists of an EXHIBITION OF WORKS IN INCREASED REALITY, composed of a series of print graphic works and three-dimensional virtual compositions, which can be accessed through the 📲 Mobile augmented reality application we.AR.

Starting from the works presented, the APPLICATION opens a virtual "portal" to different urban spaces, in an attempt to generate new technological connections mediated between the three cities.

Thus, in a contemporary format different STORIES are re-interpreted, which "links" the three cities on the map of the Balkan sphere of influence, giving the user the experience of immersion in a virtual space, an adventure that becomes possible with the help of new technologies.

📲 The we.AR APPLICATION contains text in four languages ​​- Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek and English and is available free to the general public, on mobile phone or tablet, on the Play Store and App Store platforms for Android and iOS devices.